Golf – It’s all about the Technique

Consider a site like or, really, any service that gives you great golf programming. When it comes to perfecting your golf swing, sometimes watching someone do it is the best instruction. They show many ways to smooth out and improve anybody’s approach to the grand old game of golf, which can be similarly frustrating ad rewarding. Many golfers have problems with slicing or hooking. This drags down the golf score and frustrates the golfer. Perfecting that all-important swing begins with a proper grip. You need to put the club in your fingers as opposed to your palm. Apply a loose grip. Maintaining hips, shoulders and feet parallel to the target area, point the club face toward the target. The backswing should proceed smoothly once your hands and stance form a triangle. It’s essential to keep the backswing rhythm steady and firm.

The first rule toward improving, and perfecting, a top class golf swing is more simply stated than implemented. That is to say: Relax. Don’t play head games. Taking the game in stride aids performance. Keep in mind that library shelves are filled with books on perfecting golf swings and professionals debate every move. It’s a matter of going with what is most comfortable and appropiate for you.

Just for fun, here are two simple golf exercises that can aid golf technique. The golf twist employs a 5-pound medicine ball or dumbbell. Holding the ball to the left in an upwards motion simulates the golf swing adding to proper technique. The golf squat uses a 10-pound dumbbell you pick up from the ground, hoisting the weigh over your shoulder.

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How To Properly Analyze And Approach Each Hole

The first thing you must know is that each hole is different. There’s no way you can use every set of measurements for every hole on a golf course. Once you realize that, your job becomes easier and more difficult at the same time. It’s important to walk the course in its entirety so that you can get a feel for the layout. When you approach a hole for the first time, imagine what you would do to prepare to play it. What club would you use in each situation? Where are you aiming the ball [...]

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Why Golf Is Attracting More Women Than Ever Before

Golf has historically been a game for men. It gave guys time away from significant others when they could hang out with other guys, smoke cigars and chase the ball all over the course. Over the past few years, golf has become a sport that is equally fun for women to play.

One of the reasons that more women are finding golf more enjoyable is the quality and accessibility of equipment. In the past, women’s golf equipment was simply smaller versions of [...]

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A Guide To Buying The Right Golf Shoe

Golf shoes are an important consideration when outfitting for the game. It is important to have a comfortable pair of shoes that fit well and provide proper function.

If you are taking up golf to improve your fitness and plan to walk the course, consider golf shoes that provide proper support similar to that of an athletic shoe. There are a variety of these shoes available that look nearly identical to running shoes or walking shoes.

If your plans are to ride in the golf cart, there are several styles [...]

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Woods Versus Irons: Which Is Better

Every golf club is very good in its own right. That is the first thing to remember. There is no way for someone to definitively say that woods are better than irons or irons are better than woods. Whoever says one or the other is giving you the wrong advice. However, it is important to say that your style of play will really determine the club you will like to use more often. That is because the way to hit effectively with woods and irons is different. [...]

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The Top Advantages Of Golf Clubs With Graphite Shafts

When golfers consider buying a new set of clubs, one of the first things they look at is the shaft. Most golfers, especially men, believe that they need to buy clubs with steel shafts with a stiff flex rating. Not only should most amateurs use a regular flex, but they should also look tryout clubs with graphite shafts. Golfers will find there are several advantages to using a graphite shaft.

Golf clubs with graphite shafts are an excellent option that golfers have today. In previous years, graphite shafts really [...]

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Choosing The Best Golf Clubs For Children

Children who play golf at an early age are more likely to fall in love with the sport after playing it for years. If your child is showing interest in the sport, then parents should invest in a quality pair of clubs. The set of golf clubs will need to match the skill level and height, which allows for enjoyment of the game and ease of play.

The best golf clubs are those designed for children. Some parents will take old adult clubs and shorten them to a child-s length. However, this is not a good idea [...]

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Getting back on the course…start small

If you’ve become more of an armchair golfer than a weekend warrior, always watching tournaments on your direc tv and not getting out there yourself, we’ve got some news for you! You can’t get better in your living room so get out there and start slowly with some tips from us
Hit the Driving Range – To make sure your swing is in tact (or getting better) get out to a [...]

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Which Exercises From The Gym Improve Your Swing?

Improving your golf swing is something which all players strive for – both professional and amateur players alike. When working out at the gym, there are many strength training and calisthetic exercise training, as well as cardio, which will help to improve both your overall golf game (your endurance and stamina), as well as your overal golf swing.

When working out at the gym in an attempt to improve your golf swing there are a variety of exercises, and strength [...]

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Top Ten Must Have Golf Gadgets

Whether you are a scratch golfer or a weekend duffer, you can always appreciate the wacky and ingenious gadgets that the golf community has to offer. We have come up with a list of the top ten gadgets, without which you simply can’t keep golfing.

1. Remote Control Golf Caddy
Never again must you carry your clubs or tug a pull-cart around. Simply push the button and your caddy follows.

2. Rangefinder
Stop worrying about distances. These handy devices tell you exactly how far the flag is.

3. Golf Ball Retriever
Everyone [...]

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